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How often do you lay down to go to sleep exhausted and think, I'll be out in a minute - to all of a sudden have a racing mind? (Me - all the time!). As you go through the day you are bombarded with stimulation, information and distraction - and then you stop and your mind starts processing it all.

Here are three breathing techniques I use that help me to slow down my mind and find my way to sleep:



Breath in for 4 counts

Hold for 7 counts

Breath out for 8 counts

Repeat 3 more times

The 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise by Dr. Weil was adopted from the yogic practice of pranayama, meaning “regulation of breath.” Dr. Weil has since developed it as a way to lull the body into a state of relaxation. It’s meant to diminish stress and bring balance to the body. If done as recommended, it can reduce stress, improve sleep, lower blood pressure and assist with digestive issue


Breath in and out at your own pace

When breathing in say in your mind, "Breath in Sleep"

When breathing out say in your mind "Breath out Wake"

Repeat for as many times as you need

AND if you are still awake, then here's the last one I use:



Continue your in and out breaths and count very slowly backward from 100.

Each of the above exercises are distracting your brain from all the thoughts that are being processed. Don't worry, while you're asleep your amazing brain will continue the processing process - and what's more incredible, when you wake up in the morning - you'll have the important items top of mind! And sometimes around 3-4am, you may wake up to them too - that's why I keep a pad/pen on my nightstand. If this happens, write them down and usually you can get right back to sleep.

Here's to finding your calm, slowing down your mind and sleeping well.

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