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Stand-Up for your health

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Have you been working from home these last many months? Are you still working from home? Will you continue to work from home? If so - here are three ideas for creating Standing Options for working at a desk and/or computer.

"Sitting is the new Smoking" is a phrase that has been used for years now. Our bodies and minds need to move every 30 minutes to allow oxygen and glucose to move through our blood and up to our brains for energy. We also put the most pressure on our spine when we are seated and leaning forward - the typical position when at a desk/computer.

This article is inspired by my friend and Marriott colleague Jay Odum who was tired of sitting in his "home office" and got creative with Option 2 (above) using left over wine bottle crates (clearly it's been a long quarantine!) to build a "stand-up desk". Thank you Jay!

Option 1, the Treadmill Desk I literally "MacGyver'd" over ten years ago when I turned to our closet, saw the shelf and then turned to the treadmill and the lightbulb moment happened!

Option 3 is a fantastic desk topper that lifts up and down to allow sit/stand-alternating throughout the day. Vivo.

Do what you can, with what you have - just do something to find a way to sit less.

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