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From the book "Loss, Love & Life - Quarantined Musing of a Thug Dove" by Rebel Fluer

Take a Chance on You

"As human beings it's easy to settle. Unfulfilled jobs, relationships, life. Fear of the unknown can debilitate. Money can blind. I found out what I was really made of when I took on a project and things about the circumstances didn't really right in my soul. I was incredibly unhappy, but the money was good, and people tried to make it right, yet it felt like I was settling against my own heart. So, I stood my ground and graciously walked way. And although I didn't know what would come next, the freedom, release of the burden of unhappiness and being unfulfilled lifted me. Could I have stayed ... that would have been an infraction against myself and then my inevitable unhappiness would have been because I didn't have the courage to stand for me. We never really know what's in store for ourselves unless we become courageous and willing to believe that there is better, soul inspiring better, joy, happiness and release, stop settling for what doesn't support that because it's safe. Be brave, be bold. Don't look back with regrets. Don't wake up after time, stuck because you didn't give yourself the chance. I'm not saying it's easy but settling can deceive with "ohh there is so much to lose" and yet there is so much to gain. Peace of mind, freedom and happiness is priceless. "

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