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CHEF JEFF: spinach, feta, farro

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Farro is similar to rice, an ancient Mediterranean grain, nutty flavor, high in protein and fiber. A great substitute for traditional rice or pasta if your eating style includes these foods. 1-Hour, 1-Pot Recipe!

1/2 Large Onion finely chopped (sautéed with Olive Oil)

1 Cup Farro (Pre-soaked in large pot of room temperature water for 30 minutes)

3 Cups Finely Chopped Fresh Spinach

1 Cup Vegetable Broth

1 Cup Water

Feta Cheese (amount per your preference)

NOTE: At 2:45 sec you add Feta, not Farro! Just a slip in the wording by Chef Jeff.

Serve with Chef Jeff's Grilled Shrimp and Roasted Brussels Sprouts!

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