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As I curated ideas for this article I realized my husband and I still have a lot of work to make our home it's healthiest. It can feel overwhelming and very easy to ignore, but to avoid being at a complete stand still, take an assessment of your home and where you see gaps. Then look for easy to implement items and "just do it". For the larger ones that seem appropriate for your home, first prioritize them and then consider taking it one month at a time. Steps forward at any rate are better than none. Here's to your healthier home and you.


  • Take your shoes off when you enter your home

  • Don't smoke inside

  • Remove as much carpet as possible, less places dust can collect

  • Invest in a good vacuum and use it often

  • Have live plants

  • Invest in a Hydro Lettuce Garden

  • Use a humidifier

  • Don't use fragrant air fresheners

  • Open your windows for ventilation and natural light in all seasons (when possible - even for a few minutes)

  • When changing your sheets, let the mattress air out for a little while. Once a month vacuum your mattress and wash the mattress cover!

  • Clean out your dishwasher filter, your washing machine filter, your dryer's lint tray and the dryer's exhaust pipes


  • Use glass containers. Avoid plastics when possible, especially when storing warm foods.

  • Choose cast iron or ceramic cookware. Avoid Teflon

  • Keep a fire extinguisher close to the stove

  • Every six months check the expiration dates on your packaged foods

  • Keep Baking Soda in your refrigerator and freezer


  • Invest in an Air Purification system

  • Replace air filters of Air Conditioners every year (if you use all year round, consider twice a year)

  • Change the batteries in your Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms at least twice a year (if you don't have these - get them!)

  • Check your water for contaminants. Add a water filter if appropriate. How to test?

  • Invest in a whole house water filter system

  • Consider a Duct cleaning of your Air Conditioning system - do the research and decide for your situation

  • Don't ignore Mold. If you see it - take action. Here are some ideas.


  • Have an Emergency "To Go" Bag. Here are some things to include: Copy of your driver's license and passport, some cash, batteries, flashlight, candles, matches, water bottles, snack bars, some clothes, cleaning wipes, some toiletries, a few days of must needed medication

  • Cyber Security. Take time to ensure all your Passwords are unique, complex and different across websites. Where possible do not use your email address as your username and consider investing in a Identity Theft protection company. Use a VPN on your phone and computer. Check out more here.

See more details from Harvard School of Public Health 36 EXPERT TIPS FOR A HEALTHIER HOME and from This Old House Green Homes

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