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What is a Wellness Vision?

A wellness vision is your desired end goal, a clear image of what you want to achieve by focusing on your health and wellbeing. It is a description of your ideal place to be when your health and wellbeing are optimized.

A health and wellness vision statement helps you see the big picture of your well-being. It describes your ideal state of physical and emotional health—your “best self”—and what it would look and feel like. It also helps you stay on track as you work towards making good and healthy decisions each day.

An example of a Wellness Vision is:

I feel fulfilled, calm, joyful and have the energy I need to be the active self I want to be. I am more compassionate toward myself and others in my family and social circle. I am a positive example for others around me by taking daily actions to sustain my health.

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Block 15 minutes for yourself to be in a quiet space

  2. Have paper/pen or an electronic option to write down your thoughts

  3. Take 3 slow breaths in and out to find some calm, relaxation and let go of any immediate stresses or distractions

  4. Now picture yourself watching a movie as many years in the future as you'd like and you are the star of your "movie"/life!

  5. What does that person look like, what do they feel like, what are they able to do?

  6. While it is natural to think about your looks, shift your focus as much as possible to how you feel and your capabilities

  7. Write down different words that come to mind

  8. Then formulate a statement describing your future self - this becomes your Wellness Vision

  9. Wellness visions can evolve, and can adapt and change as needed

  10. Post your Wellness Vision somewhere you can see and as you go through your days pause when making decisions and ask yourself - "is this decision leading you to your wellness vision?"

Here's to taking small steps as often as possible toward your future-self!

Speaking of the future, check out the Global Wellness Institute who's working for our wellness future thru "The Wellness Moonshot"

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