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Updated: May 18, 2021

You may not have to go far to find parks, hikes and trails to enjoy the outdoors and get your fill of Vitamin N.

During the 2020 Quarantine we discovered so many new local locations within one hour of our home to enjoy nature. While these locations were always there, we just never stopped and took the time to look for them!

We have a 244-Acre Arboretum less than 1 mile away from us! An amazing outdoor art museum park, a park-beach combo trail that offers paths that line the Ocean and then wind through lanes of trees and Hikes that lead to views of various waterways!

The point is - if you don't stop and research local parks and trails - you could be missing out on some seriously wonderful Vitamin N experience that will fill up your senses with awe - and with the convenience of being just minutes away.

When's the last time your looked local?

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1 Comment

Hinda Buraleh
Hinda Buraleh
Sep 15, 2021

Thank you so much for sharing :-) It is very helpful and will have a great impact in a good way🙂

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