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Make a list of family and friends that you'd like to talk to/re-connect and reach out. There are so many creative-connect ways I am hearing about - try some or all:

Pen to Paper: Send a greeting card (homemade) and handwritten note! Include some old photos you probably found while cleaning out your homes.

Virtual "Beverage" Chat: Whether it's tea, coffee, water ...or wine! Set a date to catch up over a beverage.

Virtual Meal-Shares: Invite a family or friend-family to dinner! Connect using FaceTime, Zoom or other app.

Neighborhood Lawn Gatherings: If you don't have balconies like in Italy to come together, try coordinating with neighbors to all meet out on their lawns for some exercise or a meal. Perhaps all order from the same Take-out so delivery is to multiple homes at the same time!

Walk/Talks: Set up walk/talk appointments. Grab you mask and phone/earbuds and while keeping your physical distance from people - you can still connect, get some air and get some steps!

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