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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Hello my 20, 30 and 40 year self! If I could go back in time and share ideas for living a healthier life, here's what I would say: Start Now!


Being Mindful and Meditating: It's amazing how much calmer I am after several years of intertwining purposeful breathing, meditation and mindfulness.

Getting enough and good Sleep (maybe even Napping): Don't underestimate the importance of sleep. While I used to go by Bon Jovi's "Mantra: Live While I'm Alive, Sleep While I'm Dead" I realize now that while it's definitely important to live and "Do" - it's also important to "Be" and Rest!

Drink lots and lots of Water: Your body will start drying out everywhere! Drink LOTS of water and build that habit early. It will help your skin stay fresher and hold on as long as it can to it's elasticity.

Find a good and inexpensive face and body lotion and use it 2x a day: Start moisturizing and build a life long routine to clean your face and neck every morning and night and lather on the lotion!

Get Outside Daily, Enjoy the Sun and Wear Sunscreen: As often as you can, get outside for air (several times a day if possible), feel the sun on your face. And when you are outside for several hours - wear Sunscreen.

Use Satin or Silk Pillow Cases: Another way to help keep the wrinkles from coming on!

Eat the Rainbow, more whole foods and less sugar: Eat vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat more vegetables than fruit. Fruit is good - Berries are best - filled with antioxidants and nutrients to sustain your immune system. Enjoy sweet treats in moderation - especially dark chocolate.

Look into Collagen and Hair/Nail/Skin Supplements: Research these and do what you think is appropriate.

Keep Moving: Exercise daily. Walk every day. Get your heart rate up several time a week. Stretch with Yoga. Weightlift for sustained strength and daily life activities.

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