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WOOP there it is

WOOP is a short self-awareness process that can provide a structure for you to set small and large goals. Below are the "basics" of the WOOP process.


Ask yourself, what is the most important wish I’d like to realize and fulfill? Could be today, tomorrow, 10 years – take something that is near and dear, challenging but feasible. Formulate in three to four words.

Ex: I wish I could exercise 3 times a week. (NOTE: It's often easier to ADD a healthy habit than try to stop one - so think about starting something new!)


What could be the BEST possible outcome? I’m talking your perfect world. It could be an emotion, outcome, anything. Now imagine experiencing it. Seriously, let your mind wander.

Ex: If I exercised 3x a week I would feel proud and may be more thoughtful of my food choices and I may lose some weight. I also may have more energy.


Switchin’ gears on you – what stops you from fulfilling that dream, experiencing that wish? What’s in you that’s holding you back? In less than four words write down this inner main obstacle.

Ex: I have so many other commitments that I find it hard to make time for myself


What can you do to overcome that obstacle? What action can you take?

Think about that behavior you’ll take, and just as you did before formulate a plan in three to four words.

Ex: I will say no to one commitment 3x a week (remember self-care is not selfish) to use that time to exercise.

Here is a cool website with a lot more WOOP information!

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