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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Milestones in life give you the opportunity to celebrate, take a leap or do something special. For a birthday milestone two years ago I chose Gratitude. I hand-wrote notes of gratitude to various people in my life who made a difference in their own way to my life's journey. It was a wonderful process:

1. Get a notebook.

2. Make a list of people in your life you want to thank.

3. Purchase note cards (store bought or customized) and stamps.

4. Commit to 1-2 days a week to journal your gratitude thoughts in your notebook. Then write out your note cards. Address, stamp and mail.

What to expect?

A feeling of happiness thinking of others and especially remembering how they made a difference to you. And various reactions ~ from complete appreciation and how special you made them feel, to some asking "are you dying?!". Don't wait to say nice things about someone at their funeral or to their family - let them know now!

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