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pause for love

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Does your food love you back? You may love lots of different foods, but if you don't feel so well after eating them, chances are that's a sign your body can use a change!

Small changes lead to big results. Results can include feeling lighter both in mind and body, looser clothes, being proud, walking taller!

As you consider creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle, use the "pause for love" process when making food choices. Take it one meal, snack, recipe and dining out experience at a time.

As you are eating through your days, for each food decision, consider the following:

Will this food...

  • Supply my body with nutrients for healing and a stronger immune system?

  • Give me sustained energy to last for a few hours (check out the Glycemic Index)?

  • Support my health goals?

  • Love me back when being digested?

If there are foods that you eat regularly that do not "love you back", pause and consider an alternative. What can you choose instead?

How to get started?

  1. Keep a food journal for a few of your typical days - ideally Thursday - Sunday to catch a few midday and weekend days

  2. Be honest with yourself - write it all down!

  3. Assess your selections

  4. Reflect on where you can swap out a food that will provide more "love"

Food Swaps are a great option. Eat This/Not That is one of my favorite resources!

Cook more at home! Research shows that when meals are cooked and eaten in the home, less calories and better food choices are made. For some scrumptious and healthy recipes, check out Chef Jeff's ideas here!

Here a few swaps I did, that really made a difference in how I feel:


Swiss Cheese with Avocado on sandwiches

Potato Chips with Grapes and/or Carrots with Hummus

Post lunch Peppermint Patty with Raspberries and Blackberries

Sandwich bread with Flatbreads

Flatbreads with Salads

Pretzels with Dried Broccoli and Carrots

Chocolate Chips with Cocoa-Covered Almonds

I had the honor of speaking with Jack Lalanne several years ago. He is considered the "Godfather of Fitness" and we discussed the importance of eating well, but also, that all foods in moderation are acceptable.

I have pizza and ice cream once a week. I savor a piece of dark chocolate and a dark chocolate covered peppermint patty each evening. If there is a celebration, I have a few bites of a treat, rather than the entire portion.

Enjoy what you love in moderation and choose wisely!

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