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POWER Of 3: Golf Stretches

Here are 3 exercises to do before your round of golf to help stretch out your body to help your game and help to prevent typical golf injuries. Repeat each 6-9 times. Always move slow and controlled.

Exercise 1 - Combo Squat-Overhead: Stand Shoulder Width apart. Hold Golf Club. Keep arms straight as you raise up (a bit straighter than mine!) and lift arm overhead as you Squat down (keep your Knees aligned with your ankles - sit back, don't let knees go over toes). This stretches you shoulders, upper back and warms up your legs.

Exercise 2 - Front Arm Cross: Hold golf club. Straighten arms in front of you. Rotate club to one side and gently turn your head to the opposite side. Repeat doing the reverse. This stretches your arms and neck.

Exercise 3 - Hip Rotation: Hold club in your arms by the inside of your elbows. Stand as if you are approaching a golf ball (place a golf ball on floor as a cue). Keep you eye on the ball - always keeping your head down - same as when striking a ball. Gently take a gently twist to one side with similar lower body motion as in your golf swing. Then twist to other side. Repeat. This stretches your hip flexors, hamstrings and warms up your knees and feet.

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