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solid is stronger

I was shoveling the snow from yesterday's storm. It was solid and difficult to break-up. So I started to make cracks for smaller pieces and it made me think about teamwork.

It was so much easier to take small pieces and move them around to different parts of the lawn, all broken and separated. But that solid snow was sound, strong and took much more of my might to lift.

When teams (whether work teams or family teams) communicate, listen, respect each other's perspectives, compromise and work together - they are solid, stronger, accomplish more and find more positivity and health.

Does your "team" needs some strengthening? If not, be grateful! If so, take the first step to recognize it and consider taking some action:

  1. Hold a "re-set meeting"

  2. Use Continue, Stop, Start as a way to find out what's working (Continue), not working (Stop) and ways to improve (Continue).

  3. Develop or refresh team norms

So take a pause, evaluate your "team" and make it stronger!

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