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What can 1-minute do for you?

It can calm you down.

It can give you more focus.

It can energize your mind's creativity.

Here's an energizing breathing exercise that's so simplistic yet effective. Take a few minutes to empower yourself going forward by following the steps below!

Then you can just go straight to Step 15 whenever you need!

  1. Open your phone

  2. Go to the Clock Icon

  3. Open the Stopwatch Option (or use any Timer or Clock)

  4. Relax

  5. Prepare to breath in and breath out for 1 minute at a purposeful calm and comfortable pace

  6. Plan to count the number of breaths

  7. Ready?

  8. If so, start the stop watch/clock and begin

  9. Slowly Breath in 1, pause, slowly Breath out 1

  10. Slowly Breath in 2, pause, slowly Breath out 2

  11. Repeat and count how many breaths you take in 1 minute

  12. When the clock gets to 1 minute, stop!

  13. Make a note of the number of In/Out Breaths

  14. Keep this number top of mind

  15. As you find yourself feeling fatigued, not focused, or lack creativity and energy, pause, and breath in and out for 1-minute. You don't need to bother with a timer or looking at a clock - just count your breaths!

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