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"BE" "DO" "ACT"

BE: What do you want to "Be"?

Healthy or Sick?

Strong or Weak?

Active or Sedentary?

Energized or Tired?

Decide on your "Be" Goals.

BE: What is your Motivation?

Write down a few words and/or sentences about what is giving you motivation toward your "Be" Goals.

DO: What do you want to "Do" to reach your goals?

Take walks?

Join a gym or virtual workout group?

Learn a new exercise (Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.)?

Eat a vegetable at Breakfast?

Consume less Sugar or Saturated Fats?

Stop smoking?

Start to Meditate?

Decide on 1 (or a few) "Do" Goals.

ACT: What Actions will you take to "Do"?

You must act and keep acting, to "Do" and reach your "Be" goals.

Small steps can lead to big results

Determine what is needed for you to take action steps each day

Set up cues/reminders

Ask for help

Prioritize yourself and your health

Think daily or weekly - set small very achievable goals

Celebrate your progress each day/week

Keep Going!

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