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breath's power

Another of Calm's "Daily Jays" inspired me for this post! His session was called "Your Breath Is Your Base" and the story summary goes like the following:

Taste, Sight, Hearing, Touch, Speech and Breath gathered for a meeting.

An argument took place between them all, except Breath, about who was superior.

Since each one thought they were most important so they decided to do a test.

Each one would take a turn leaving the body.

So Taste, Sight, Hearing, Touch and Speech took their turns and while the body missed each one, it was able to survive.

But when it came to Breath's turn to leave, there was a collective pause of concern and that's when they all realized that Breath is the foundation of our body. It's quiet, subtle and has the power to calm our nervous system and can allow us to be more thoughtful, composed and make better decisions.

There are so many ways to use our breath and so many resources. From VeryWellMind here are several options to try!

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