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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Worrying is part of natural tendencies. It can help protect us at the right times, by taking that worry and turning it into action thru planning and preparation.

When the worry gets in our way of taking actions to feel better, be happier or reach goals - then it's time to take action to lessen the worried mind.

This exercise is short and simple. Done daily (even several times a day) over the course of weeks and months - can be part of a path to less worry.

BREATH OUT WORRY - literally!

Each day find time to pause, if possible get outside (but not required!) and take the following steps:

  1. Find a comfortable position (sitting, standing, laying down - whatever is best for you).

  2. Start to relax your body (your mind will follow).

  3. Take a breath in through the nose, hold for a moment and then release through the mouth. Repeat two more times.

  4. With each following breaths, as you breath OUT, say or think the word WORRY.

  5. Repeat for a few minutes (with whatever amount of time you have).

  6. As you end your session, look up, smile, and take one last full breath in and out.

Repeat the above process as often as you can. Daily practice will start to re-program your brain and slowly lessen your worry.

This alone may not be the answer for you, depending on your level of worry. Click here for other worry-reducing practices.

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