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can't cancel creativity!

About March 2020 a whole lot of creativity began. Change was thrown upon the world and each one of us. And whether we realized it or not, we put on our creative hats to transition the way we would live for the next what will soon be 12 months.

While the vaccines are now being deployed, when you really think about it, creativity was the first vaccine we all got.

From Zoom gatherings, drive by birthday parties, out-door meet-ups to schooling and working from home and protocols to re-open - they all required creativity. As a New Yorker I passed through Manhattan to see restaurants that build outdoor wooden rooms seating 4 people, they went from dine-in to take out and of course so many leaders stepped up to create charitable efforts to help those in need.

And when it comes to traditions, you don't cancel, you get creative and change! And that's what this story from CBS Saturday Morning shared. A great example of not cancelling creativity - check out New Orleans 2021 Mardi Gras

Is there something you think you can't do - maybe think again - creatively!

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