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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Savoring is a very mindful and healthy way to live. Slow down to be in the moment and "come to your senses". Be grateful for the senses you have the ability to use - and use them often! Focus on a new sense each week and each day find a few mindful minutes to ...

Hear: Close your eyes and simply listen to the sounds around you.

See: Notice the colors, shapes, what's moving and what's still.

Smell: Aromas from foods, flowers, grass, shampoos and soaps.

Touch: Feel softness, roughness, smoothness.

Taste: Savor each bite of food. Pause and use a beginner's mind as you chew and swallow - really thinking about the flavors..

What comes to mind when eating a Strawberry? What does it look, smell, feel, sound and taste like to you?

To me a Strawberry... Looks bumpy and heart-shaped; Smells sweet; Feels rough, bumpy, soft; Sounds crunchy, squishy; Tastes sweet, scrumptious - and would be even better covered in dark chocolate!

Use all your senses to completely savor your surroundings; not just food. Notice new things around your neighborhood, in your backyard, Zoom backgrounds, in a nearby park and about your family.

Slowing down, being more in-tune and being grateful reduces feelings of pressure, stress and anxiety and improves your heart health.

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