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hap!7: happy reminders

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

This is adapted from the book "In Search of Happiness, Peace & Success"

*Little things of daily use can be used as reminders for us to be happy.

  • Toothpicks can remind us to pick good food and exercise choices

  • Bandaids remind us to heal hurt feelings, ours and those of others

  • Pencils remind us to list our blessings every day

  • Erasers remind us that everyone makes mistakes so it's okay if you make mistakes once in a while

  • Tea Bags remind us to relax daily and go over our list of blessings

Think about common things you use daily and make some connections to help you feel more of the emotions of happiness.


*In Search of Happiness, Peace and Success" by Dr. Surendra Singh Singhvi

Photo by Lizzz (me!) from "See the Love" - check out more Heart-Shape inspired photos on InstaGram

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