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HAP!2: what happy is made of

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

According to positive psychology there are 10 emotions that make up the feeling of happiness:

To find your way to more Happy, figure out what stirs up these emotions in you. See next ten posts for more on each emotion!

  • Grab a notepad/journal

  • Read through the next ten posts (2.1 - 2.10)

  • Take some time, perhaps the next 10 mornings or nights, all at once or a few a day

  • Think through the answers that are meaningful to you

  • Then pull those answers through as often as possible - to help fill you up with Happiness

Go to HAP2.1


From The Positive Journal by Nancy Clark

Photo by Lizzz (me!) from "See the Love" - check out more Heart-Shape inspired photos on InstaGram

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