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HAP!2.7: amusement = laughs

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

If you have not read post HAP!2 start there!

Amusement can be thought of as those delightful surprises that make you laugh - those unexpected moments that interrupt your focus and crack you up. Within a moment, it can shatter your boredom and change your perspective.

Where do you find amusement? Is it on YouTube? A classic comedy sitcom? Maybe your spouse, kids or parent?! Think about where you find laughter and write about it in your notepad/journal. And next time you need to be uplifted - make it your go to!

Enjoy this joke from my 90-year mom #MrsCTellsJokes (You can see other jokes on FaceBook or YouTube).

Go to HAP!:2.8


From The Positive Journal by Nancy Clark

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