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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Here's a breathing exercise concept from Yoga with a slight modification!

I call it LET IT GO.

Start by standing up if you are able or this can be done seated if needed.

Take a breath in through the nose, start to relax the body and breath out through the mouth.

If standing, place your feet shoulder width apart and step your left foot slightly forward with a slight bend to your knees (if you are left-handed do the opposite).

Bring both arms straight ahead and place your hands palm to palm.

Imagine your are holding a Bow and Arrow.

Next thinking about your Arrow – let it represent an emotion you want to let go of right now. It could be frustration, worry, doubt … whatever may be weighing heavy on your mind.

Close your eyes and take a breath in through your nose.

Next think about holding the Arrow (emotion), bring one arm back and pretend you are releasing the Arrow (emotion) as your arm goes behind you and you release your hand and Let It Go – along with that emotion.

Repeat at least 3 times (Power of 3!)

Try it - what are you letting go of today?

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