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poems that teach not preach

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Meet Paula Groothuis! A wonderful human, with spirit and talent to take important topics and create beautiful books of rhyme, targeted for parents to raise smart, compassionate and clever kids!

Paula is a speech therapist and mom. She found that rhyme was a most satisfying way to express her personal appreciation and turned that talent into these fantastic books with topics including: Exercise, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Peace and much much more.

The Peace In Our World book is intended to motivate an increase in tolerance, kindness, and respect so that we can all get along with each other no matter what race, religion or culture we were born in, we all deserve to live our lives in peace. Here are a few examples of rhymes from the book:

"From the news, we find out what is happening here and there,

And want to bring solutions everywhere"

"We may be the same or different as to religion, culture or race,

Let's all work together to put a smile on each and every face"

"What we want today for this world to increase,

Is to create a planet covered with peace"

You can order books conveniently on amazon!

If you are a teacher, parent or want a unique baby-shower or children's birthday gift and would like to purchase several books at once, Paula is offering a special deal for For Good Health Coaching connections. Contact Paula directly at for a discount for 5 or more books. Tell her For Good Health Coach Liz sent you!

You can learn a bit more about Paula here

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