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Updated: Mar 7

What a dilemma!

It's hard to imagine a time before WiFi and cellphones. Technology can help us stay connected in many ways - if used in a healthy manner.

The debate on Tech and our health is endless. It can help and it can hurt. Knowing how to find the balance is the key. It's unique for each person - so I can't tell you what to do, but can provide you questions to ask yourself, my thoughts and additional resources.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the % of time per day I spend on a "screen" (Phone, Computer, TV, etc.)?

  • What is the % of time per day I spend outside without looking at a screen (talking on the phone does not count!)?

  • What % of my waking hours per day do I spend moving and sitting?

  • When I am "on screen" what is the % of time per day my emotions are positive and negative?

  • Is the Tech I am using helping me to be healthier (move more ,drink water, stand up, take a breath)?

  • When I'm connecting with people using a "screen", what positivity am I getting from the connection time? (Helping others, being helped, laughter, insight, education, etc.)

  • When I am on Social Media, what benefits is it providing?

My Thoughts:

Technology is integrated into our lives and more than likely will always be. But we have the power to choose how to use it and to rule it, and not let it rule us. To be as successful as possible at this "balance" is the power of awareness. Paying attention. Pausing and assessing. Course-correcting when needed.

Notice when you are sitting too long. Notice when you have been scrolling too much thru "feeds". Notice when you have not connected with a human in hours. Notice what Tech is helping. Notice what Tech is not helping.

Additional Resources:

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