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the power of love

From the book Love 2.0, Barbara Fredrickson, Ph. D, talks about Positive Resonance.

It's the interpersonal connections of shared positive emotions when mutual care is exchanged.

Sharing a hug, a laugh, a cry or overcoming an obstacle together leads to positive resonance. Micro moments of positive resonance over time create a ripple effect through your life. What's important is being in the moments enough to recognize these opportunities.

In this book the definition of "love" is expanded by having an open mind. You can unconsciously get positive resonance the longer you consciously look for it.

So why want more love?! Loving feelings lead to increases in neurochemicals like cortisol, serotonin and oxytocin, that help to ease anxiety, stress and increases overall happiness and heart health.

How can you turn up the power of your Love?

  • Be more present. Pause. Notice where you are, who you are with and what you are doing as often as possible. Use all your senses.

  • Connect with people. Increase the times you use eye contact, smile and have conversation with those you encounter. Ex: When interacting with those of service (food store, mail carrier, delivery services, etc.), use employee names (if they have name tags) and thank them for the specific help they provided.

  • Listen. Realize when you are formulating a response and pause to really hear what someone is saying to you

  • Mindfulness is Kindfulness. Find a few minutes of daily quiet time to pause and just "be". Use the 1-minute exercise to get you started!

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