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Where do you spend your time each day? Do you really really know? Do you ever wonder, where did the time go?

You have probably heard of keeping a journal or log on what you eat or how much exercise you've completed. But it's really all about time and where you are using it.

Why do most people say they don't exercise or meditate or give themselves self-care? Lack of time (and often energy too). So it's a circle, because you could have more energy if you spend some time exercising and giving your mind and body care.

To really figure out where you are spending your time, keep a Time Insight log or journal. For a few days (best to include both weekdays and weekends) literally track every move you make and how much time you spend doing whatever it is you do. It can be quite enlightening and insightful. With this increased awareness, you could make educated decisions to change how you use your time. How much time do you currently carve out for your health? 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes a day?! Even 5 minutes? Start small and grow. As you give yourself and health some attention, your body and mind will probably want more and you can increase by choosing how you spend your time differently.

What is one small step you will take today to gain more insight on how you spend your time?

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