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We all have an inner voice that we often do not hear. This is our Compass.

It's the power to be able to tune into our inner compass that is the key.

Through setting your directions and knowing how to course correct you now have the stepping stones of the path you want to take.

Using your Compass is the step you need to be able to stay the course.

To be able to hear your inner voice, you have to listen for and to it. Here are steps you can take to get more acquainted with yourself:

What are your values, beliefs and priorities? Give yourself a gift of some quiet alone time with your thoughts and a notepad or phone/computer. Relax and clear your mind using the power of your breath. Breathe in and out several time and let go of whatever is going on in your life. Then answer these questions:

  • What are my moral values/beliefs? (Ex: Kindness, Compassion, Fairness, Respect, Integrity...)

  • What are my priorities? (Family, health, work, community...)

  • Where am I really spending my time now? (Be honest with yourself!)

Each day for 30 days (or more) in a row find a few minutes and stop thinking!

  • Sit still and breath in and out at your normal pace

  • As thoughts come to your mind, let them be and then let them go

The more you practice not thinking, the more you will become connected with your inner voice and your Compass.

Having a strong connection to your Compass will allow you to make daily decisions that lead you on your healthy lifestyle path. How?

Because as you begin to prioritize requests of your time and energy, being that much more in touch with your Compass will give you the power to say "yes" or "no" appropriately. Every no you say to something or someone that is not leading where your Compass is heading, is saying yes to your healthy lifestyle path - allowing you to follow the directions you developed and course correct as needed!

Here is a TEDTalk by Sarri Gilman you may find helpful with more ideas on how to set boundaries.

Find, strengthen and use your Compass to stay on your pathway to a healthy lifestyle that will lead to whatever gives you joy and fulfillment during your life's journey!

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