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Every day we have the power to make decisions on what we eat and how we use our time. We may not have complete control, but where we do - let's make the best next decision.

Just like in the game of Chess, using strategy can help. And by that I mean, pause to plan. Making decisions takes a lot of energy! The more you can plan ahead, the less decisions you have to make - the more energy you'll have for other places of your life.


  • Set a day of the week aside

  • Give yourself an hour

  • Review your known schedule for the week

  • Determine where you can prepare/bring your own meals and snacks

  • You'll have more control of the ingredients and amounts

  • Make a list of groceries that include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and low or healthy fats for meals and snacks

  • Shop online or in-store to give yourself the control on what foods are in your home and you decide to eat

  • With planned dining out meals, check out the menu in advance, look for the best options and ask for substitutions (it's much more acceptable now!)

  • When the unexpected happens or you are in a situation with less control of your food options, pause, assess the options, and pick the best choice for that moment. Watch portion sizes and drink lots of water!

Use of your Time:

  • It's very easy to get pulled into someone else's priorities (at work or home)

  • So start with your own priorities

  • Set your personal health and life goals. It's not selfish to make time for's self-preservation!

  • Taking care of yourself allows you to be there for the others in your life

  • Make a list. Lists give you power. Check out this past post for more details.

  • When the unexpected happens, pause and consider, can it wait? Is there anything on my list that is more of a priority?

If you are feeling overwhelmed or with limited energy, take a look at the big and small decisions you are making each day and look for ways to remove them. By creating healthy routines you can use your energy for what is more important to you!

Here's an article with even more ideas about decision fatigue!

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