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WWB: lets go! - Morning Rituals

Workplace Well-Being (WWB) is important, even if your workplace is your home or a remote location!

Rituals are prompts that lead you to take an action – to help create routines. Depending on your situation your prompts may be kids or pets getting you up early! Try and get up around the same time each working morning.

Some other ideas:

  • Find a morning walking partner, either in person or virtually over the phone – maybe a family walk or walking a pet.

  • Catch a YouTube Stretching video series

  • Make a virtual workout "date" with a friend and meet in an App like Peloton (or like)

  • Fill a Water Bottle the evening prior and leave by your desk/computer - start your day with refreshing water!

If you can get outside for a bit of morning air - that definitely helps you start the day off with energy.

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